Friday, March 3, 2017

Why the Fidget Cube is Great

Why I Believe in the Fidget Cube
I first heard of the fidget cube from a friend who knew someone with ADHD. I had heard of ADHD but I didn't fully know what it meant or even what it exactly stood for. ADHD stands for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. It is a chronic condition that makes people hyper and have impulses they wouldn't normally have. With this condition people feel the need to constantly move or fidget with something, which is why the fidget cube is so useful.

I myself, do not have ADHD but I am aware of the Fidget Cube. After hearing about it once I started asking people about it and they all said it had helped them focus, so, naturally  wanted to try it for myself. I was able to use my friends while she was playing in a basketball game, and the Fidget Cube honestly helped me focus so much more.
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What is the Fidget Cube
The fidget cube is a cube that has a type of toy on each side. On one side of the cube there is 5 little buttons, 3 of them have sound to the click, while the other 2 click silently for people who feel the urge to repeatedly click a pen. Another side has a joystick almost like the ones found on a x box controller for people to glide their thumbs on things. On a third side of the cube there is a switch that can be flipped back and forth. There is also a side for rolling that has a little ball that can be rolled around with your thumb or tactiles gears to fidget with also. The fifth side has a rotating dial that helps those who like to spin things or flip pencils in their hand. On the last side is called Breath because it is said to relieve stress and anxiety while just feeling cool to hold in your hand. It comes from the ancient called the worry stone that is supposed to help calm you down when you rub it.

How Does it Actually Work
Now I know there's of course going to be people who are skeptical of how this really works but just think about all those urges you have when sitting down in a long meeting or when you're trying to get paperwork done. Those types of activities are boring and so make you want to fidget. Yes, the fidget cube is great for people who love to fidget and can't sit still, but it can also help others. Scientific studies have shown that fidgeting can now only calm you down, but it can make you focus easier and better. Whether it helps you focus in class, work, or even just trying to power through a movie/show marathon, the fidget cube is great to have.

Fidget Cube brings those who need to move a way out without annoying everyone around them. There's nothing that drives others crazier than when people tap their pens or fingers on their table, or when people walk around incessantly clicking pens. It also is an all in one device so it has something to satisfy all fidgeters.


  1. I have a fidget cube and I love it! It is such a good thing to have when you are going to be sitting for a long time and need to have something to keep yourself paying attention.

  2. This fidget cube is amazing! I agree 100% with your post because when I am stressed or nervous I tend to click my pen, or chew on my nails. This Cube has helped me with my fidgeting and I highly recommend it.

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