Friday, April 14, 2017

**5 Things You Thought You Knew About Your Brain

Now a days, there are many random facts that fly around people's ears, and some we catch. We like to have these facts remember, awaiting the day that they could come in handy. It has also become a very normal thing to believe the things you hear or read, and to reiterate them to others who might be unsure about the topic. But have you ever thought about them not being true? Here are the top 5 myths about the brain you most likely believed were true, and have passed on to others.

I know this may seem very surprising and wrong, but believe me when I say this; you use 100% of your brain. For some reason is has become a very commonly know fact that people use 10% of their brain, but that's wrong. There isn't an activity or certain time when your brain only uses 10%. You use 100% of your brain all the time, including when your sleep. Although one part may be working harder during a certain activity, all parts are in use.

This next popular myth is one that you won’t believe is false. If I was to ask you how many senses you had, your answer would be 5, correct? And I’m sure if you had to list them out you would say the normal answer of touch, smell, taste, hear, and sight; but what if that wasn’t all of them? Well that's not even close to all of our senses. There have been many researchers who believe there to be 21 or even more senses. You have senses that you probably didn't even realize we're senses. That includes things like sense of balance, sense of temperature, sense of hunger, sense of times, and even your sense of tension.

A third common myth is that drinking kills brain cells. It is true that you can damage your brain from drinking a large amount, but to actually kill brain cells the person would actually have to die. There are also brain disorders that can come from drinking an excessive amount of alcohol; but drinking moderately won’t harm your brain, as long as you are responsible.

Another false fact about your brain is that people who use drugs can get holes in their brain. No drugs have ever been proven to actually create holes in a human's brain. The only known way to create a hole in your brain would be physical trauma. Drugs just use chemicals to make your brain feel extra good ad that eventually leads to the dependance on drugs for happiness.

The fifth misleading myth about the brain is the bigger your brain, the smarter you are. Size actually has no effect on IQ. Otherwise, blue whales and their 6,000lb brain would have taken over the world long ago. There is also no such thing as a left brained or right brained person; nor does that affect someone's personality. We are all full brained.

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  1. You seem well informed and I believed some of those facts. Thank you for setting me straight. The pictures that you chose in the middle of the blog were interesting, but what do they have to do with the topic? They did draw my attention but they did not seem to correlate with the topic, maybe I missed something. Great job though.