Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Serial Killer Statistics

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This infographic compares motives and methods between male and female serial killers. It seems that 80% of females killers use poison as their method with the reason being money 72% of the time. I’m thinking that women use poison more because it's easier than having to take someone down, especially if they're just trying to steal money. Males are much more likely to use firearms as their weapon of choice. I think men like to use firearms because it is an easy way for them to manipulate people with them being alive and conscious, which makes sense with their motive being sex 55% of the time. Men also use suffocation, stabbing, and bludgeoning(beating to death) much more than women. I think this may be because women are much more vulnerable and typically weaker than men. This makes it easy for them to physically take and hurt them. Women are more likely to bludgeon or shoot their victim rather than stab or suffocate them. Drowning is a much smaller method than the rest, but women are much more likely to do it than men. To be more specific, they are nearly 2 times more likely to kill their victim by suffocation.

This shows some interesting differences between male and female serial killers. It seems as though men prefer to feel power when killing. It also seems as though they enjoy the crime scene with blood and horrific images; which is very different from women killers. They seem to like and keep things simple and discreet when getting what they want. They seem to not be into the messy part of killing’ but instead the part where they don’t have to truly do anything. You are able to see obvious differences here. These differences between sexes make it easier when finding killers also. Police and detectives are able to make an educated decision on the sex of a killer based on these methods and motives.

This infographic above shows the relationship between child abuse and serial killers. It gives visual examples as to the connection between the two. It seems as though the majority of abused children end up going down this harsh path. Children of physical abuse are 7 times more likely to become serial killers. Kids who are sexual abused also have a high rate to take the path of a killer. In the 3rd row over you can see that when it comes to psychological abuse, the amount of serial killers grow. Psychological abuse leads to 50% of all serial killers. I think this might be because these kids have learned first hand how to manipulate people. After they’ve experienced that pain and hurt, they want to feel the other side of it; the side when they feel the power. When a child experiences neglect it seems they have an equal chance of becoming a serial killer as they do becoming a normal human being. Children who experience no abuse are obviously more likely to follow a path of love and life. You can see in this graph that when kids are abused, they are much more likely to abuse and hurt others.


  1. This post showed me a lot. It amazes me how different male and females are, when coming to killing or attacking someone. I think you did a great job organizing and talking about statistics. Keep it up!

  2. You have great information and stats on your topic. I too was surprised that men and women differ when it comes to violence like that. I look forward to reading more articles from you so keep up the good work!