Tuesday, April 4, 2017

**Why are Serial Killers Serial Killers?

In the article “The Making of a Serial Killer” by Berit Brogaard, she discusses the mind of a serial killer. At the beginning she mention that nobody truly knows how a serial killer becomes a serial killer; which I think is an important fact to remember. She then goes on to talk about the possibility of serial killers having it in their DNA, that some people could just have it in their DNA. The problem with the experiments on the DNA and brain are that not all psychopaths are criminals. This means that this brain abnormality could just cause aggressiveness or manipulative traits. It also could just be because of mental ailments such as schizophrenia and extreme sexual fetishes. They have thought about childhood abuse being the cause of serial killers, but that's not it either. Yes, childhood abuse could cause post traumatic stress syndrome or anxiety, but they claim it can’t lead to psychopathy. There is a connection between childhood abuse and serial killers, but the list of serial killers who grew up with a normal childhood is very long. This means that there must be something that starts these people down this path. They mentioned that if it was a brain abnormality, then could it be corrected?

Many people are unable to understand social cues or know when enough is enough; maybe these serial killers were never taught these things as kids. Maybe their parents weren't paying enough attention to them and not helping them understand that some things weren't okay to do. Maybe these people are psychotic and not psychopaths. The difference is that psychopaths have a disorder within their own personality whereas psychotic people are just people who have lost any sense of reality that they had. It's almost like they're on drugs and hallucinating. Then at the end of this article examples are given of these two different disorders. The stories for psychotic people are more about them listening to the voices in their heads and doing things for crazy unrealistic reasons. But stories of psychopaths killing are planned, and well thought out. They know just what they're doing and how to do it so they can get exactly what they want.

I think that it is very possible that psychopaths are this way because of their childhoods. I believe as a child you are very susceptible of things you see and hear around you. If your parents aren't giving you the attention and proper guidance you need then you are left to think whatever you want about whoever. They are unable to know the difference between something bad to do, and something that's okay. Without the proper social interactions they can't learn how to be compassionate, or even feel guilty for doing something wrong. As for the psychotic, I believe that there is a chemical imbalance or some kind of abnormality in the brain. Maybe they have a mental illness or it was caused by drugs, but they don't have a normal mind. I believe that serial killers are smart and educated people, and it's terrifying to know there's people out there who are capable of doing these things.

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  1. I agree with you that it most likely is how they were brought up as a child. I find that when I think of psychopaths, I always lean towards when they were growing up what kind of lifestyle did they have. I always say that if they weren't born with something in their DNA then it had to be something caused by their parents. Most of the time it comes to my mind that they were not nurtured the way that they should have been, or that they felt excluded from the rest of their families. And then I think that they most likely lash out at people who they feel have what they lacked as a child. That is just my in put on what you said. But like I said, I totally agree with that it starts with their childhood.