Friday, May 5, 2017

**How the Brain Plays Apart in the Different Lifespans Between Men and Women

In the article titled “Why is Life Expectancy Longer for Women than it is for Men?” from Scientific American, the author discusses different reasons as to why women live longer than men. Although this fact makes sense due to the fact that there is overall more men born, there are other genetic and social reasons also. If you look at the people close to you in life, you may be able to notice that the males are much more likely to attempt something dangerous or unethical much more than females. Women's bodies have been given many advantages also. In the body of a woman there are many hormones produced to help them through pregnancy; and these hormones have many other positive effects on the body. Although many of these reasons are based on the body releasing chemicals, what about the brain? There are different chemicals in the male and female body that affect them differently. These chemicals can alter the brain to have people make rash decisions without really thinking about it, but they can also make people overthink things and change their actions due to outside forces.

With the male brain, some chemicals are more common than in the female brain. Testosterone, for example, is a chemical that males have a lot of, and it makes them much more aggressive and impulsive. Woman produce much more estrogen and also a chemical called oxytocin which is a bonding or relationship chemical. This difference can make it more common for males to act out of aggression or impulse much more than women; which in turn makes them more likely to do something dangerous and life threatening. Male brains also contain less neural connections to the hippocampus which makes them pick up on less sensorial information. Woman on the other hand pick up sensorial information great, and observe much more than men do. So in other words, they have a hard time reading people and situations which could get them into trouble. Male brains also utilize more gray matter whereas the female brain utilize more white matter. Grey matter is the part of the brain that contains action and processing centers that are localized. White matter connects the grey matter to other processing centers. Because men don’t utilize as much white matter, they can get sucked into a deep focus and not pay attention to what is going on in their surroundings. This can be dangerous for men for a couple reasons. Many jobs and activities that can be considered dangerous are even more dangerous for people who are extremely focused. They are able to block out interruptions or things that could distract them; which could mean not hearing someone when they're trying to tell you what you're doing wrong or to watch out for something. This means that they are much more likely to get into a accident, no matter what the activity or circumstances are.

Yes, it is true that men have a shorter lifespan than women and that is true for many reasons; biological, physical, and mental differences that all lead to more men dying younger. It isn't a weakness in any way, but instead it makes the male to female ratio more equal. Of all the reasons why, I believe that the brain differences play a big part in that. I believe that men and women are both smart and strong; but women are just more observative and pay attention to multiple things at once. I believe that this is not only due to the previous differences, but also because women are raised to be more cautious and aware of their surroundings.

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